Why the rock never dies

For a lot of us, rock isn’t just a way of life – it IS life. It doesn’t matter if you were a teen at the height of Beatlemania, saw the birth of metal with Black Sabbath, jammed out on air guitar to Van Halen in the 80s or even if you’re one of those unfortunate souls who enjoys Nickelback, when the rock bug hits you it never goes away.

So why do we love it? Simple – Rock makes the world a better place. Work hassles, money troubles, relationship drama – none of it matters when you can just pop in your favourite album and get lost in a magical world of riffs, solos and screams. Stuck on a long commute? Crank up the stereo and you’ll be disappointed when it’s over.

Rock is eternal – it’s why the Rolling Stones can still sell out a stadium despite not having a hit song since ‘Start Me Up’.  It’s why a lot of guitar shops, just like the one in ‘Wayne’s World’ still have a ‘No Stairway’ rule. And it’s why, no matter what ‘fashion gurus try to tell us’, a black t-shirt and jeans will never go out of style. It binds the generations – these days you’re just as likely to see a teenager getting around in an Iron Maiden tee as you are a 60 year-old.

But for all the mellenials who are intrgiued by your mixed tapes and ‘vintage’ t shirts, society has given us the message to grow up and shelve your inner rock as it has many other dreams and habbits you once enjoyed.  ‘The Man’ drives us all to working for the ‘career’, buying the ‘house’ and raising the 2.4 kids in your Toyota Camry.  The problem is through, when the rock is in your blood, you ain’t gonna take it!

Rock is a part of us, it defines us and it is ageless.  Rock cannot be held down, it cannot be muffled and it should be embraced.  Whitesnake should be played as loud as you can, ACDC should be screamed at the top of your lungs and Pink Floyd should be worshipped.

Rock is a way of life and you should never try to hide it!

Here’s a little story. It’s a true story about a 34 year-old man (this author) who couldn’t sleep. Like a kid on Christmas Eve, he spent the night tossing and turning, trying everything he could to get some sleep, but nothing worked until he passed out from sheer exhaustion. And again, just like the kid on Christmas morning, he woke up far earlier than he should have, such was his excitement. The reason? That man’s eight-year long wait for a new Metallica album had finally come to an end.

When rock is in your blood, you’re proud to show it. We’re the first to start tapping along when something good comes on the radio and we roll your eyes when our unenlightened friends tell us how talented Adele is. People might look at us a bit differently but we don’t care – rock is our vessel for keeping alive our spirit of defiance and individuality, and it will live on long after we do.

The late, great Ronnie James Dio said it best:

But we’ll sail on, sing our song, carry on….

‘Cause we rock!